Poze Sticker Activity Bugs

  • Poze Sticker Activity Bugs
  • Poze Sticker Activity Bugs
  • Poze Sticker Activity Bugs

Sticker Activity Bugs

SKU: G00815


ticker Activity Bugs is packed with over 250 easy-peel, reusable full-colour stickers that you can use over and over again for hours of sticker-tastic fun. Activities and exercises show you how insects live and what they eat. Follow a ladybird, a dragonfly and a moth as they grow up and play games like 'Find the Bug' - hidden away in a group of butterflies is a ladybird, a beetle, a fly, a grasshopper and a dragonfly - can you spot them?

Sticker Activity Bugs is an amazing sticker activity book that makes learning fun and is perfect for school projects

Alte informatii:

Numar pagini: 32

Dimensiune: 215 x 269mm

Varsta recomandata: de la 5 ani

ISBN: 9781409328766


Detalii produs

Categorie: Carti de activitati

Producator: DK

Vârstă: 5-7, 6-9

Cod produs - SKU: G00815

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