Poze Numerica: A Waldorf Book of Counting

Numerica: A Waldorf Book of Counting

SKU: G02454


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Sky and a boy named Bilko, who loved to dance and play tag with the butterflies in the fields. When they were asked how many butterflies and ants they saw, they could not say ... 

Gloria Kemp and Elsa Murray-Lafrenz have produced a book that helps children learn to count and helps teachers and parents teach numbers to them in a living and fun way. Waldorf teachers, especially, will find this book helpful in bringing numbers to their young students in a way that lives all around them in the natural world.

Autor: Gloria Kemp

Varsta recomandata: de la 5 ani
Dimensiune: 216 x 280 mm
Numar de pagini: 36

ISBN: 9781621480082


Detalii produs

Categorie: Carti de povesti

Producator: Floris Books

Vârstă: 5-7, 6-9

Cod produs - SKU: G02454

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