Poze Jonathan and Martha

  • Poze Jonathan and Martha
  • Poze Jonathan and Martha
  • Poze Jonathan and Martha
  • Poze Jonathan and Martha

Jonathan and Martha

SKU: G00824


Jonathan and Martha are two lonely worms that live on opposite sides of a tree. One day, a big juicy pear lands on the ground between them. Jonathan nibbles from the left, and Martha from the right…and soon they are caught in a tangle. 

Using his signature style of eye-catching illustration, collage and a simple narrative, Petr Horáček weaves together a story that captures the essence of friendship. 

Jonathan & Martha is a classic story that teaches children and adults about the importance of sharing.

Alte informatii:

Autor: Petr Horáček

Editura: Phaidon

Numar pagini: 32

Dimensiune: 250 x 230 mm 




Detalii produs

Categorie: Dezvoltarea creativitatii

Vârstă: 2-4, 4-6

Cod produs (SKU): G00824

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