Poze I See…

  • Poze I See…
  • Poze I See…
  • Poze I See…
  • Poze I See…
  • Poze I See…

I See…

Cod: G00967

Pret: 49 RON

Pret comunitate: 39.25 RON

Pretul nu include cheltuielile de livrare


What happens when you look through a magnifying glass? What can you see in the dark? What can an owl see?

With bright, colourful and creative imagery, there is always more than meets the eye in this simple yet deceptively clever book.

‘I See…’ is one of a series of books which aim to raise awareness in young children of the five senses in a light-hearted and humorous way. Contains two acetate pages.

Alte informatii:

Editura: Patrick George

Numar pagini: 36 (2 pagini transparente)

Varsta: de la 18 luni

Dimensiune: 220 x 200 mm

ISBN: 978-1-9084730-4-2



Detalii produs

Categorie: Carti interactive

Producator: Patrick George

Vârstă: 1-3, 3-5

Cod produs (SKU): G00967

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