Poze How Deep is the Sea?

  • Poze How Deep is the Sea?
  • Poze How Deep is the Sea?
  • Poze How Deep is the Sea?
  • Poze How Deep is the Sea?

How Deep is the Sea?

Cod: G00268

Pret: 62 RON

Pret comunitate: 49.66 RON

pretul nu include cheltuielile de livrare.


  • How deep is the sea? Pipkin the inquisitive penguin wants to know just that.
  • With the help of a friendly seal, a big blue whale and a salty sea dog in a yellow submarine, Pipkin learns that the sea is very deep indeed!
  • A VERY long poster (1.6 x 0.2m) at the back of the book shows just how deep the sea is - and how far Pipkin would have to travel to get so deep.
  • A delightful sequel to Pipkin's adventures in "How big is a million?" and “How High is the Sky?”

Alte informatii:

Editura: Usborne

Numar pagini: 24

Varsta: de la 18 luni

Dimensiune: 250 x 250 mm

ISBN: 9780746096086



Detalii produs

Categorie: Carti de povesti

Producator: USBORNE

Vârstă: 1-3, 3-5

Cod produs (SKU): G00268

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