Poze Bugs in a Blanket

  • Poze Bugs in a Blanket
  • Poze Bugs in a Blanket
  • Poze Bugs in a Blanket
  • Poze Bugs in a Blanket
  • Poze Bugs in a Blanket

Bugs in a Blanket

Cod: G00829

Pret: 43 RON

Pret comunitate: 34.44 RON

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Why are you as yellow as a banana?

Why are your legs so long?

The bugs who live in the blanket on the old bed at the end of the garden are meeting each other for the first time. Little Fat Bug has invited everyone to his birthday party.

Why do we all look so different? Does it matter?

Told with enduring and lovable characters made with hand embroidered illustrations, this simple, fun story teaches young children about difference and tolerance.

Alte informatii:

Autor: Beatrice Alemagna

Editura: Phaidon

Numar pagini: 46

Dimensiune: 175 x 220 mm 



Detalii produs

Categorie: Dezvoltarea creativitatii

Producator: Phaidon

Vârstă: 2-4, 4-6

Cod produs (SKU): G00829

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