Poze 10 times 10

10 times 10

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Presenting ten ways to count to ten: 

1. With numbers 
2. With fingers 
3. With paints 
4. With a portrait – well, an abstract one! 
5. With the top ten things created on Earth 
6. With shapes 
7. With friends, having fun with lots of different games 
8. With a fairy tale – four witches, five frogs, six fairies, seven poisoned apples ... 
9. With racing cars 
10. With questions! Ten times ten equals 100, and ten times a hundred equals 1000, and ten thousand times that equals... when does it stop?!

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Editura: Tate Publishing

Vârsta recomandată: de la 1 an

Nr. pagini: 128

Dimensiune: 190 x 190 mm

ISBN: 9781849762472


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Categorie: Carti pentru copii in limba engleza

Producator: Tate Publishing

Vârstă: 1-3, 3-5, 5-7

Cod produs (SKU): G01812




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