Poze A City Through Time

  • Poze A City Through Time
  • Poze A City Through Time
  • Poze A City Through Time
  • Poze A City Through Time
  • Poze A City Through Time

A City Through Time

SKU: G01742

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Follow the story of a city from ancient colony to vast modern metropolis with A City Through Time. In this stunning update of the popular original, let the full-colour illustrations transport you back to another age, as the award-winning Steve Noon brings the past to life in style.

Panoramic scenes in the unique cutaway style are packed with colourful pictures showing everyday life in the city across the centuries, and pop-up descriptions make sure the details aren't lost as you meet the characters who live and work there. Plus each scene has a page devoted to key features, so you can get up close to a Roman bath-house, a medieval castle or a modern skyscraper.

Featuring a photographic section that profiles great cities through history and a glossary that tells you what you need to know about architecture, technology, work and costumes throughout the ages. Revised and updated for a new generation, Steve Noon's A City Through Time is perfect for parents and children to look at together or for school projects. The more you look, the more you'll see.

Editura: DK

Numar pagini: 48 pagini

Varsta recomandata: de la 9 ani

Dimensiune: 257 x 302 mm

ISBN: 9781409364535


Detalii produs

Categorie: Carti educative

Producator: DK

Vârstă: 6-9, 8-12

Cod produs - SKU: G01742



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